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5 Tips for Buying in A Hot Resort Market

Life on Hilton Head, in the Real Estate world, is moving very quickly right now. We are seeing houses going under contract before the listing even hits the MLS, homes going under contract in mere days, and prices are reflective of the demand on the inventory.

Bluffton is booming in equal measure to Hilton Head with family homes, retirement homes, and large family estates all seeing more activity and going from NEW LISTING to SOLD in days. The average days on market right now is 45, and previously it was up to 6 months or longer if your home was priced over $500,000.

The growth of Bluffton has led to a lot of new construction homes, and many folks moving to the area are drawn to the quaint charm and historic vibe of Old Town Bluffton. As the population is growing, construction and home sales booming, folks are wondering if they can still find the right home for them.

Here are our 5 Tips for buying in a HOT RESORT MARKET:

1. Know where do you want to be.

Do you want a single family home on Hilton Head or a villa in Bluffton? Do you want to be on plantation or off? These types of questions will help guide you and your agent to finding you the best home for you.

2. What do you like to do?

Do you enjoy walking to have a meal or coffee in the morning? Does a sunrise walk on the beach make your day. Once you can narrow down the important lifestyle features you are looking for.

3. What is the purpose of the real estate purchase.

What is your goal with this property? Do you intend to use it as a primary home, second home or investment property? Your purpose for your home is going to dictate a lot of areas to hone in on or to avoid.

4. Keep in mind the 80% Rule.

If a property hits 80% of your "must haves" this is a property that should be moved to the top of your list. There is not a single property that is going to meet every single one of the items on your wish list. If you are looking for a Charleston Style home with a stunning kitchen, make sure to mark that property as a top contender.

5. Act Quickly.

The Hilton Head and Bluffton Market is moving at a very quick pace. Homes are going under contract in days, and sometimes are under contract prior to hitting the Multiple Listing Service. If you see a home or villa that meets your needs, there is not a lot of time to wait.

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