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Interviewing a Listing Agent

Are you contemplating selling your home? We have more current marketing practices than most, if not all Local Realtors.

When you are interviewing a listing agent:

  • Ask them if they are placing Facebook Pixels to have your house follow people around the Internet.

  • Ask them if they are going to make videos in your home that are authentic and upload them to their YouTube Channel, Instagram Page, Facebook and Twitter feed.

  • Are going to be on HGTV driving traffic to their website where your home is prominently on the home page.

  • Ask them if they are going to post on Instagram and use hashtags correctly.

  • Ask them if they are going to buy a custom domain name and direct it to a custom website just for your home.

  • Ask them if they are using texting technology for folks to get information directly to their phone about your home.

  • Ask them if they turn their lead generation off when promoting your home because their job is to have as many eyes see your home as possible. Not annoy people by asking for contact information on a home they are selling.

  • Ask them if they will target your market with laser precision.

  • Ask them if they have a library of Social Pages to share to reaching highly niched audiences.

  • Ask them if they are part of the largest global network of Realtors in the world. (Hello RE/MAX)

Many will not even know what you are talking about, but in 2019, this is how we sell homes. Many will talk about their print ads, snail mail, professional photography and MLS. Very 1997.

When you don’t get the answers or the results you want, call us. We will say "YES" to all if that. It’s what we do.

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