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Getting ready to find your Hilton Head Island getaway

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Getting ready to buy a house on Hilton Head Island (or anywhere for that matter) takes

time and planning. If you are three or more years out from your Island Getaway, there are things you can start doing now to make the process more enjoyable and effortless. This is a three part series on how to get your Hilton Head Island Get-away.

Three+ years out:

Get to know the market! It's never too early to meet with a REALTOR® and get an in depth tour of the island and its markets and communities. For first time homebuyers, start saving and check your credit. These two things are so important. Interest rates are low, but if you want to qualify for the lowest rate, you are going to want to have excellent credit. This is going to make a difference in what you can afford and the options a lender can extend if you are buying an investment property or second home.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Developing a relationship with a REALTOR® years out is very helpful. Talk to a Mortgage Lender and interview Real Estate Agents. Don't just use your neighbor agent because it's easy. Look for someone you connect with because they are going to be your partner on a fun adventure that ends with a house on HHI. Make sure you trust them. How do they communicate? Are they responsive? A relationship with a lender early is also helpful. That gives them time to coach you to set yourself up to get the best rates and ensure you have time to implement a plan.

Home buying (especially if not local) and securing a mortgage are some pretty stressful times. Exciting, but stressful. Make sure your team works well together and is clearly on your side.

Steph Cauller is a Founding Partner of Hilton Head Home Group with RE/MAX Island Realty. She is a Realtor®, house flipper, (She has moved 11 times in 20 years) entrepreneur and mom to 3 kids and a dog.


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