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Getting ready to find your Hilton Head Island getaway - Part 2

Getting ready to buy a house on Hilton Head Island (or anywhere for that matter) takes

time and planning. If you are three or more years out from your Island Getaway, there are things you can start doing now to make the process more enjoyable and effortless. This is a three part series on how to get your Hilton Head Island Get-away.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Part 2 - One year out:

Start watching the market. Once you nd the Real Estate Agent that works best for you, ask them to set up an automated email, somemes called a drip campaign. This will send you anything that comes up in your area, price range, square footage, etc. This is important so you can begin to monitor the market.

Start THINNING your stuff. A year may seem like a long time to pack, but the sooner you start the better. Sort it, sift it, donate it, trash it. Go through your stuff. Don't love it, get rid of it. When you pack to move, this will be helpful. The less you have the move the easier it will be to get the job done.

Come visit! Spend some time on the beach, eat at the restaurants. Start to begin to LIVE LIFE LIKE A LOCAL! Run a 5k, head to a fundraiser, start to live in our community.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Steph Cauller is a Founding Partner of Hilton Head Home Group with RE/MAX Island Realty. She is a Realtor®, house flipper, (She has moved 11 times in 20 years) entrepreneur and mom to 3 kids and a dog.


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