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Getting ready to find your Hilton Head Island getaway - Part 3

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Getting ready to buy a house on Hilton Head Island (or anywhere for that matter) takes

time and planning. If you are three or more years out from your Island Getaway, there are things you can start doing now to make the process more enjoyable and effortless. This is the last post of a three part series on how to get your Hilton Head Island Get-away.

3 months out: Save financial documents. It is almost crunch time. When you are ready to get your prequalification, prior to the actual act of house hunting, your lender is going to ask you for a tremendous amount of documentation. Statements, Tax Returns, etc. This is very not open any new accounts once you have started the process. Even a simple sales pitch for a new Credit Card at TJ Maxx can cause a big hiccup in the underwriting process. DO NOT FINANCE anything once you have started the mortgage process.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

Ask for a copy of your state's Real Estate Contract. Your agent will be able to provide you with a blank copy of the contract. In the current market where things are going as quickly as they are, being familiar and prereading the contract prior to submitting it is important. Real Estate Contracts are different in different areas so there may be some things on our contract that are different than when you have purchased real estate in other areas of the country. As a legally binding contract, it is something you are going to want to read through. They are long. If you are in a position where time is of the essence, and are in a rush to get an offer in, taking the time to thoroughly read, comprehend and ask questions could be limited. Understanding every aspect of the legal contract can save you time down the line.

Time to house hunt! Cheers to sandy feet and cold cocktails!

Steph Cauller is a Founding Partner of Hilton Head Home Group with RE/MAX Island Realty. She is a Realtor®, house flipper, (She has moved 11 times in 20 years) entrepreneur and mom to 3 kids and a dog.


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