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Hilton Head Q & A with Hilton Head Home Group

We get asked an awful lot of questions about Hilton Head, so we wanted to share some of the most frequently asked with you.

Q. Is Hilton Head all retired people?

A.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Our young professionals, and year round residential families make up a huge percentage of our Island Community.  We have a thriving population of folks who are living the day to day life, working, shopping, school stuff with their kids, meeting friends out, as well as a large percentage of people who have made HHI their place for an active retirement.

Q. I hear traffic is terrible, is that true?

A. That depends on where you are from.  As a transplant from the North East, what some call traffic, I call a quick inconvenience.  There is traffic coming in from Bluffton in the morning, and leaving to go off Island in the afternoon.  Saturday during the summer, there is traffic coming onto the Island, but in comparison to the Philadelphia area, Atlanta, NY, DC, Chicago, LA etc.  The traffic on the island is nothing to complain about.  Keep in mind though that there is only one way on and off the Island.  If there is an accident on or near the bridge, traffic can get really bad until it is cleared.

Q. Are you scared of Alligators?

A. Yes, and you should be too.  DON'T GO NEAR THE LAGOONS.  There are alligators all over the island, and they need to be ignored, respected and kept far away from. This was their home first, so just keep your distance and observe from a far.

Q.  What are the locals like?

A.  Hilton Head has the friendliest locals I have ever met.  Everyone came from somewhere else with one thing in mind, ISLAND LIFE!!!  With year round Vitamin D, and the beach just a few minutes away, the locals are always happy and helpful.

Q. Why are property taxes so low?

A. Our property taxes are low because we have two different rates, and our Public Education is not funded by primary homeowners.  Primary homeowners get a 4% tax rate and second home and investment property owners are at a 6% tax rate.  Here is a link to the Beaufort County Property Tax Calculator.  Tax rates are set based on the value of the home when you purchase it.

If you have other questions, shoot us an email and we will get them answered!  Have a great day.

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