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Sick of the Cold?

When you move to the South, you lose the change of seasons, but you gain so much more.

As September turns into October, we are still on the boat soaking up the sun. We see lots of pictures from friends picking apples, sipping cider and the beautiful foliage. Don’t get us wrong, that is all Hallmarky and charming, but we would still rather be slathering on the sunblock and drinking coronas in the sun.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

As November comes and the true winter Holiday Season kicks in, we are still outside, running our Turkey Trot in shorts and tank tops, getting our toes in the sand between brunch and turkey, watching the big game on the big screen outside. Don’t get us wrong, we love Thanksgiving, we just like it warm.

The biggest change comes in January, where the temps up North plunge to unfathomable lows. The Hallmarky Holiday is long gone, the snow was pretty the first time around. We see the New Years Day Polar Plunge photos, big crowds gather at Coligny Beach for Hilton Head Island’s Polar Bear Plunge, the catch…our ocean water is in the high 50’s. That is comparable to the water temp in Ocean City NJ in May. Don’t get us wrong, we love plunging, but will skip the polar part.

Photo courtesy of THIS WEEK ON HILTON HEAD

As January turns to February and February to March, the cold grey North starts to wear on you. I remember clearly, being raised in Malvern, PA., that March is terrible, it feels like spring is right around the corner, but we all know it is still months away. When your body is aching for 75 and sunny, but Mother Nature delivers 45 and cloudy, and don’t forget that last straggling snow storm. Don’t get us wrong, we love Mother Nature, just not getting punched in the face by 4-6 inches with ice.

In the south, February turns to March and we are back to slathering on sunblock and sipping Coronas in the sand.

Moving away from the cold, and living a year round outdoor lifestyle can be life changing. Being that we are not medical professionals we won’t go into the details, but salty air, Vitamin D, and warm walks in January do wonders for lots of different things.

Steph Cauller is a Founding Partner of Hilton Head Home Group with RE/MAX Island Realty. She is a Realtor®, house flipper, (She has moved 11 times in 20 years) entrepreneur and mom to 3 kids and a dog.


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